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Replacing a single missing tooth

A Dental Implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth

The most common use for a dental implant is where a single tooth has been lost. They are equally excellent at the front and back of the mouth and provide a strong, secure and natural replacement for lost teeth.

Here at Valley Dental we use only the highest quality implants made by Straumann, a Swiss company renowned for precision and innovation. With the local expertise of the Valley Dental Team in Anglesey, combined with the Straumann technology, you are in safe hands.

The treatment process:

All cases are unique but a typical implant procedure has the following steps:
  • A thorough consultation to assess your wishes, expectations and suitability. We may also take scans and x-rays at this stage to guide the precise positioning of the implant.
  • If you are suitable and decide to proceed, we will invite you back to an initial appointment where the implant will be placed into your jaw. Where the jawbone has degraded, we may first have to undertake a bone grafting procedure but we will discuss this with you at your consultation.
  • The implant is covered and left to heal and bond with the natural bone of your jaw. We will invite you back to the surgery to check progress and to determine when the bonding process has completed.
  • The implant will be exposed and an abutment (support collar) will be attached. This forms a solid base for the fitting of a dental crown which will be expertly matched to your natural teeth.

As with all surgical procedures, care will be needed while you get used to the new implant and until it becomes a natural part of your mouth. During the initial period you may need to eat a slightly modified softer diet but you will be advised in detail at your consultation with us. We will also provide comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Very soon you will be able to use your new implant just like your natural teeth, eating any food you wish and smiling confidently once more!

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