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Implants can be used to replace several missing teeth - Implant Supported Bridges Anglesey

Dental implants are very versatile and can be used extremely effectively where several teeth have been lost. Whilst individual implants cane be used in this circumstance, it is often more cost-effective and quicker, to use two or more implants to support several missing teeth as in the diagram below.

This technique is often used towards the back of the mouth for replacing missing molar teeth. Molars are the large teeth which do a lot of work when chewing your food and replacing them when they are missing is very important. The front teeth are simply not designed for this type of workload and could easily be damaged, hence why a complete set of back teeth is optimal.

When a tooth is missing, the jawbone also degrades over time leading to a sunken appearance and a crooked smile as adjacent teeth move into the space. Dental implants prevent this from happening.

Advantages of this procedure:

  • Bridges supported by implants are very stable and a great long term solution to lost teeth
  • No need to prepare adjacent teeth as is needed with traditional bridges
  • Feels natural and functions just like your own teeth
  • Removes the need for partial dentures which can be fiddly to clean and can work loose

If you have several missing teeth and need a better solution than a partial denture, then please talk to the Valley Dental team to see how implants can help you. Please call in to the practice on 01407 741 730 or use the online website contact form.

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