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You are unique and so is the implant treatment plan we design especially for you. This follows a detailed consultation which will involves comprehensive planning, x-rays, scans and discussion. We will also advise what to expect in terms of timescales, costs, how to prepare and also aftercare to help ensure that your new implant stays healthy, strong and functional. An approximate timescale and typical events in your treatment journey are shown below, but please contact our team for more advice and we'll be delighted to help.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation typically lasts for around half an hour during which we carry out a baseline assessment to check your suitability for dental implants. We will also indicate approximate costs, a typical time frame and details about the procedure itself. Sometimes we may take X-rays or a CT scan to help us determine your suitability.


Once you have made a decision to go ahead with dental implant treatment, we will invite you back to the practice for a more detailed assessment. Additional X-rays and possibly CT scans will be taken and a study model is made. Case assessment and treatment planning is completed and your date for treatment is also booked. We will also ask you to read and sign consent forms for the treatment to take place.

Implant Placement

The dental implant is placed under a local anaesthetic. It is painless and the procedure usually lasts for about 20-30 minutes. You are advised to avoid any strenuous activity and work that day, so generally taking things easy after the procedure. Sometimes a temporary crown is attached to the implant at the same time but this will vary on a case-by-case basis.


The implant is left to heal for approximately 2-3 months but again this can vary. During this time the bone cells fuse to the implant in a process known as osseointegration. Once this natural bonding process is complete, the implant is ready to take up the load of chewing and biting. We will advise on the type of diet to begin with, starting with softer foods and then building back to a complete diet.

Final Restoration – The Crown

Impressions are made and sent to the laboratory where our master ceramist then makes a bespoke crown to match the shape and colour of your teeth. The artificial crown is then attached to the implant via a support collar called an abutment. The tooth is now ready to function alongside your natural teeth.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Just like natural teeth, implants require regular reviews and diligent oral hygiene. It is important to see our hygienist every six months for professional cleaning of the implants and teeth. Good aftercare at home and with routine care from our hygienist will ensure the longevity of the implant.

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